How to Use Mac Finder Search?

Mac operating system has very advanced features compare to any other OS. Mac OS X includes excellent technology known as “Mac Finder” that can assist you search almost all file and folders on any mounted disk within seconds. Finder allows you to browse various files, apps, data files, images, games, system files, folders in a different ways.

You can use the Finder to customize these items the way you require. You can also use the Finder to search for items, delete files and more.

Instructions to use Mac Finder Search in simple steps:

  • Initially, type a single character of the file name in the Search box as shown in the image.mac
  • You can see the list of files starting with character you have typed in search box.
  • If you like to change the criteria for one or more of these items, then click on the item in the Sidebar and select “Action Menu” button and then choose “Show Search Criteria”.
  • After successful completion of changing the search criteria, click the “Save” button in order to store your folder.
  • If you want to find files/items inside the folder or volume then in “Home” folder, open the folder/volume you want to search and type your query in the Search box in that folder’s window.
  • In order to find for a specific file by its file name, then choose “File name” from the drop-down list menu.
  • Once you find the appropriate file or folder, you can open it by double-clicking from the list.
  • You can also start finding by selecting File-> Find (shortcut key: Command + F).

Points to remember when you perform a search on Mac:

  1. You have a option where to find the file.
  2. Choose the additional search criteria as well as other attributes such as creation date, modification date, keywords, label, file contents, file size, etc.
  3. In case, if you want to add another criterion, then simply click om “+” button on the right side of the window.
  4. You can save the search results by pressing “Save” in order to reuse in the future
  5. Mac Finder Search helps you to find files faster. But there are different ways of access the functions of Mac Finder Search and Spotlight in the toolbar.

Know How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer

There are chances when users want to relocate photos from iPhone to computer. For example, when they wish to edit photos with iMovie, the moving of photos from iPhone to computer is needed. Then how to relocate photos from iPhone to computer? This is not an effortless job. For one thing, as a mobile device of Micro SD slot, it is not possible to move photos from iPhone to computer straightforwardly; for a different, since file sharing via USB is not carried by iPhone, the moving of photos from iPhone to computer identifies for a third-party applications. Therefore, there are three ways will be established on moving photos from iPhone to computer.

Method 1: Backup Photos with iTunes

As a connection that links iPhone and computer, iTunes creates the file transferring between computer and iPhone takes place via synchronization. Therefore, iTunes could be utilized to relocate photo from iPhone to computer. User has to plug in this Apple device then select a computer data to back up those images on iPhone.

Step 1: Launch iTunes

Download and start iTunes then connect iPhone with the system and then open iTunes.

Step 2: Choose File Location

Then a section named Camera Wizard and Scanner will pop out where one can select both photos and they decide to move to the computer and file saved on computer wants the photos to rest in.

Step 3: Manage transferring

At last click “Next” button which will be backed up photos from iPhone to the computer.

Method 2: Transfer Photos with iTransfer

If user has installed iTunes earlier and they can move photos from iPhone to computer without difficulty by using iTransfer. Why user wants to utilize iTransfer means when they maintain iTunes already? Comparison between iTunes and iTransfer is not only file transfer speed but also powerful and reliable in function. For example, for users those who wish to relocate photos from an iPod to another one iPod, they cannot manage it with iTunes but using iTransfer is possible

Step 1: Get iTransfer

Download and implement iTransfer then open it and then in the menu of “Library“ you can find out “Photos” option.

Step 2: Choose Photos from iPhone

Choose those photos preferred to be moved from iPhone to computer and right click the mouse then select “My Computer” in the menu of “Transfer to“

Step 3: Start Transferring

Select secure location for saving output file via “Save to folder” bar then click “Transfer” button to begin the photo moving from iPhone to computer.

Method 3: Store Photos with iCloud

iCloud creates file sharing between various Apple products much easier. Since its make public in 2011, iCloud has regularly employed to different Apple products from iPod to MacBook. Therefore, one can initialize moving of photos from iPhone to computer very easier. Store those photos on iPhone to iCloud then download those photos from iCould with the help of computers such as Macbook Pro.

Ease Your USB HDD Recovery With Simple Procedure 

USB is an external storage device which can used as backup device and in this you can saved the different types of files like audio, video, music, games, software, applications, contacts, calendar, MS files, etc. It is easy to carry as it is in small in size and also light in weight so it is term as portable device. With the help of this USB drive, you can even store large amount of data depend upon the size of this device. Based on its size, USB drives are classifieds and these different sizes used to save files in the memory.

USB stands for Universal Serial Bus which is also known as pen drive which can be easily inserted into the computer system either Windows or Mac and transfer the file from the device at any desired time. It is specially designed for the storing purpose only. Even though these USB drives are well designed but data get easily lost from the drives due to several reasons.

Commonly the data which is very much needed will stored as backup purpose in this device. If that important data is lost due to some reason then user may be in trouble. To free from the trouble and recovering lost files from the USB drives, a tool named as USB Hard Drive Recovery Software is inbuilt with advanced features which can easily perform recovery of USB hard drive and get back the lost files from the drives. Before knowing how this software recovers the lost files from the drive, let us know how the files get lost from the USB drive.usb hard drive recovery

How the files get lost from the USB drives:

  • When you connect to the computer device, you may get notification message that is to format the USB drive that is format error. You can’t access the device as until you opt for formatting it. If you select format button, then the entire data get lost from the drive. So this may results in loss of files from the ISB hard drive.
  • Accidental format is another case of losing of files from the USB hard drive as user may unintentionally format the drive which emptied the drive by removing all the files from it.
  • The other reasons may be antivirus software which remove the virus affected files and when these drives are get corrupted or damaged due to bad sector or any malware attacks results in loss of files from the drive.

Even though the USB drive is formatted, you can easily recover the lost files from the USB drives with the help of this tool. This software scans the entire device with the help of the scanning procedure and easily recovers the lost files from the USB hard drive.

The high popularity of this tool may be one of the factors that compelled the team who is behind this tool to say like “secret of our success in recovering data is not just lies in recovering all the lost files but preserving the quality of files being recovered” With its features and options user can easily recover lost files from USB HDD.

How to undelete files from USB Stick?

There are many external storage components that are used to save and share the files when required.  Among them USB stick is one of the most convenient storage media for all users because of its various features. USB stick provides extensive support on data backup and data portability. In addition to this you can easily transfer data from one system to other. This device works based on flash memory technology, where you can find many facilities on USB Stick like portability, compact size, easy plug and play facility. USB stick stores files of different formats like text files, documents, PDF files, video files, audio files, photo files, presentation files etc.

“Have you lost any important data from USB stick due to accidental deletion? Do not know how to retrieve data from it? Are you looking for a tool to carry out data restoration? No need to worry, here is a tool to undelete files from USB stick. Where this tool recovers all your lost or deleted files without damaging any stored data in a simple step.


Let us know some of the reasons for data loss on USB drive:

  • Data loss due to incomplete transfer processAs the USB hard drive are mainly used to take backup’s or to store some important files, there is a lot of data transfer process occurs, at this point if there is any power surge or improper shutdown of system during this transfer process, data loss will occur from your USB hard disk drive. 
  • After using USB drive many users have a practice of disconnecting this USB drive without any safety measures and also during any process if there is any interruption like software problems, sudden system shutdown etc. will make your USB drive corrupted.
  • Accidental Formatting Formatting USB drive accidentally or due to carelessness if anyone formats USB drive then the files on USB will be deleted. Even formatting USB drive intentionally without having backup can lead to entire data loss from it.
  • Anti-virus Scan: USB is a portable drive and hence due to its portability nature, it is more prone to virus attack. Once it is affected by virus, then you may run anti-virus app to avoid loss of files or corruption of USB drive. Even this anti-virus scan can lead to deletion of files from USB drive.

If you come across any of the above mentioned scenarios just check it out, which helps you to undelete files from USB stick. Where this tool is user- friendly interface which makes extremely easy for you to restore data from your USB stick on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Features of this recovery tool:

  • Enables flash drive data recovery on USB drives, thumb drives, pen drives, memory cards etc.
  • Support data recovery after formatting, deletion, repartitioning of large size external USB drive brands like Seagate FreeAgent or GoFlex, Western Digital WD Passport, iOmega eGo Portable, Kingston Wi Drive & SSD flash etc.
  • Supports USB drive recovery on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 & Mac OS X Operating System
  • You can also use the “Preview” option to assess the chances of recovery

Can Files be Recovered from SSD Drive

SSD (Solid State Drive) is the portable storage device, which can easily store different types of data like videos, images, music, documents, etc. It offers fast data retrieval and more reliability in comparison to computer’s internal hard drive. It is a non-volatile drive. But sometimes due to some unstoppable situation files from SSD drive may get lost or deleted. In such situation, you will face severe data loss from your solid state drive.

In this type of circumstances you need not to worry because a most reliable tool is available to recover lost or deleted files from SSD quite easily within few minutes. This tool is well known as recover SSD software. With the help of recover SSD utility, file recovery has become quite easy from SSD drive. This software has in-built smart scanning algorithms which helps to scan the entire drive in few minutes and recover the deleted files in hassle free manner. It is a read only tool.

Some of the common reason responsible for the loss or deletion of files from SSD drive are:

  • Accidental deletion: It happens when user wants to delete unwanted files off and they delete the much needed files from SSD drive by mistake, at times when connected to system. So, in such cases user have to use SSD recovery Software to restore files from USB drive.
  • Virus attack: Whenever SSD drive get corrupted due to virus and malware attack then you may encounter some error messages like “Disk is not formatted, do you want to format now.” In such cases, you format that drive and this lead to loss of data from SSD drive.
  • Improper usage of SSD drive: Sometimes, while removing SSD drive without using “safe removal” procedure, it may lead to file system corruption. So, if file system of SSD drive get corrupted, then you are not able to access any file from SSD drive. In order to overcome such situation you have to format the SSD drive which in turns erases all important data.

Features of recover SSD software:

In order to avoid these type of data loss scenarios, you to have backup of all your important files or folders in a safe and secure way. Even though, if you do not have the backup of files or folders, you need not to be panic, just make use of recover SSD software and easily recover deleted files from SSD drives in less amount of time. This tool can easily scan your SSD drive using its advance scanning algorithms and recovers all the deleted files from it in few clicks of mouse. This software supports data recovery from SSD drive on both Mac as well as Windows operating system. Apart from recovering deleted files from SSD drive, it can even retrieve files from other external drive such as pen drive, memory card, FireWire drive, flash drive, etc. in hassle free manner. This software is also capable of recovering data from different leading brands of USB drive such as Transcend, Kingston, Samsung and other. With the help of this utility you can easily recover files on the basis of their unique signature. All the recovered files can be viewed in File Type View or Data View.


Software to Repair Adobe Photoshop File (PSD)

Adobe Photoshop is an application designed for editing and creating the photos on line in effective way. This application mostly used in the field of photography and graphics for creating and design photos. This software was developed and marketed by Adobe and is very popular among professionals as well as personal users. Adobe Photoshop file are saved in .psd or .ppd file extension on system. PSD (Photoshop Document) is the default format of Photoshop for saving the creating the file by using Adobe Photoshop application.

Sometimes, while you working with Photoshop photo files by using Adobe Photoshop application an errors display on the computer screen like “Could not complete your request”, etc. After such error, you won’t be able to open PSD file on Photoshop application and find the possible way to Adobe Photoshop File repair? Don’t worried? Be. Relax! Because, now it is possible way to repair Adobe Photoshop file by using best repair tool termed as Repair Photoshop tool.To get more information, visit this page.

Common scenarios that leads to PSD file get corrupted:

  • Application Failure: When you editing the photos on line using Photoshop application an interruption occurs due to unsecure third party tool which can leads to fail the application and file becomes inaccessible or unreadable.
  • Interruption: A sudden shutdown of system due to power failure when you transferring the PSD files from external drive to computer or vice versa, as their more chance of file corruption.
  • Software Up-gradation: When you upgrading the Adobe Photoshop application to use latest advanced features. But as soon as, when open a PSD file with new earlier version of Adobe Photoshop application it showing an error on the computer screen which can leads to file gets corrupted or unreadable.
  • Volume Header Corruption: Volume header holds the essential information of media files and manage or access the file on the storage device in effective way.

If you faced above mentioned scenarios behind the corruption of Photoshop file when designing image PSD file by using Photoshop application on Windows then in this time, you may not get panic and take assistance of Repair Photoshop software immediately for fixing the error of PSD files.

Remarkable Features of Repair Photoshop Software:

This is the most recommended tool designed with strong scanning algorithm to repair PSD file with color mode like CMYK, INDEX, GRAY, RGB, etc. This application is simple, reliable and user friendly interface and thus enables any new user to use this application for editing the photos without any technical knowledge to repair a corrupted Photoshop (PSD) file with greater ease. This software fix PSD file on almost all version of Windows operating system including Windows Vista, XP, Windows 7, 8, and so on. It repairs each layer of PSD file and even repair PDD file format with utmost ease. This application supports various Photoshop versions like Photoshop 5.5, Photoshop 6.0, Photoshop 7, Photoshop CS, CS1, CS5 CS2, CS3, CS4 and CS6. It provides a preview option to view the repaired Photoshop file prior to save in preferred location in your system. This application also supports various versions of Mac operating system like Lion, Mavericks, Leopard, Mountain Lion Snow Leopard, Leopard, Yosemite, and so on.

Simple Way to Recover Deleted Picture

Flash card is really a small but an efficient media device. You can use it in numerous media devices like smart phones, camera and many other. It can be mainly utilized for storing pictures, songs and videos. In spite of having all of the advantages it is possible to lose several files from flash card. There are many causes through which someone may lose their vital media files. Formatting of flash card is one of the major reasons for picture loss from memory card. At times during validating the functionality of media device including mobile phones you might accidentally hit the format option. After such unintentional formatting you can lose all of the data present on flash card. Within this formatting scenario, you might lose few of your memorable images, when the loss in those pictures isn’t tolerable for you personally, this condition really harsh you. But even during this case don’t get frustrated!!! As Deleted Photo Recovery is an effective tool that will easily restore your memorable images in short.

Accidental deletion of images may be possible from memory chip. If, you find there is absolutely no extra space to save new picture, then you definitely look for the useless pictures stored on memory card. After finding such needless files, together with useless images in case, you have deleted your precious images, it results in lack of vital images. Images deleted from memory card of smart phones cannot reside inside any deleted items folder, so that you cannot recuperate it from the place. Lastly, you can lose your memorable pictures. In order to retrieve deleted photos, you will need to make use of the Deleted Photo Recovery application. If you want to know more about memory card recovery process by using this advanced tool, then check this page:

Virus infection on flash card is most frequent image loss scenario. At times, if you attach flash card of media device to the PC via card reader, in the event if your laptop having any virus infection then that specific virus may enter the memory chip and infect it. After having infected with that malevolent virus, it repeats itself through the entire memory card. Lastly, it infects all of the images and files present on memory card. After such infection there may have chance that the pictures become inaccessible or perhaps flash card become inaccessible or corrupted.
With the help of this Deleted Photo Recovery program, you can smoothly recover pictures and other media files that have been deleted from recycle bin without any difficulty. If you wish to recover deleted photos from camera or memory card, which may have deleted knowingly or unknowingly then you can certainly make use of the above discussed Deleted Photo Recovery application. Deleted Photo Recovery is an advanced application to retrieve deleted photos from camera and various media devices including smart phones. Even though recovery of images you are able to store it in any desired place. It is continued by most of the popular versions of Windows based system.


Find an Easy Way to Extract Data from Damaged RAR File

RAR file helps all global users to compress data and to perform error recovery. You can compress large sized files to reduce their size and transfer it over internet. Hence, it is simply said that RAR archive is helpful for business communication. The compresses files are said to be secure and safe. But, even though it provides effective communication between users due to some issues users comes across with RAR file corruption issues. It is not a common problem today, so there is a need to overcome this type of situation.

Are you a user who is suffering from RAR file corruption issues? In case, if your response is yes, then do not worry. There are many circumstances lead to corruption of RAR file. If you are still searching for the right software to extract data from corrupt RAR file then you are at the right place. With the help of WinRAR repair utility, it is now very to extract data from severely corrupted or broken RAR file. You need to use this software to extract data from damaged RAR file on Windows OS of versions such as XP, Vista, 2003, 7 and 8.

Let us have a glance at Factors that lead to Damage of RAR File:

  • Improper File Compression: While compressing files, if you encounter the situation like abrupt power breakdown in between this process may result in improper file compression. This type of scenario may lead to damaged RAR file.
  • Incorrect Downloading: Sometimes, while downloading RAR file from internet you may notice that internet connection is slow. In such condition, if you still download the RAR file then it may lead to incorrect downloading and there is a chance that downloaded file may be damaged due to faulty network. However, which in turn leads to CRC errors.
  • Virus Infection: Virus or malware infection takes place due to downloading a RAR file from unauthorized website. Due to this virus infection, you may lose access to RAR files.

Salient Features of WinRAR Repair Tool:

  • This utility is free from virus and other malware.
  • This software is supportive to all versions of RAR files.
  • It is inbuilt with completely automated process, which makes RAR file repair process very simple.
  • This tool is easy to implement and provides simple guidelines to support novice users.
  • It is safe to use and non-destructive program, which does alter the original files during repair process.

This tool is in-built with advanced scanning algorithms to carryout thorough scanning of damaged RAR file and extracts the data from it with few clicks of mouse. By implementing this substantial utility, you can repair highly encrypted and password protected files. It also extracts data from RAR file which is damaged due to RAR file header corruption, improper file transfer, third party tools, abrupt system reboot, etc. By means of demo version of this software, one can effectively understand how to extract the data from damaged RAR file. If you want to know more details about how to repair broken archive RAR file just visit this URL:

Know More about Thunderbolt Port and its Uses

What is Thunderbolt used for?

Thunderbolt is a latest technology of peripheral connection, introduced by Intel with collaboration from Apple. Thunderbolt is used for power, data, audio, video all in one single connection. This Thunderbolt is based upon PCI Express and DisplayPort architecture. This DisplayPort architecture helps you to perform for high-speed connection of peripherals such as hard drives, RAID arrays, video-capture solutions, and network interfaces, and it can transmit high-definition video. Each Thunderbolt port also provides up to 10 Watts of power to connected peripherals.

Thunderbolt is really fast it can transfer 10 Gigabits of data in a second at the speed of 10Gbps with 2 channels.  You can receive and send data using Thunderbolt in a same time because it is bidirectional. Compared to FireWire 80 and USB 3.0 Thunderbolt is much faster even faster than eSATA connections which we are using in Windows PC.


Thunderbolt uses Mini Display Port for connection in old devices but recently Thunderbolt ports are introduced in recent models of MacBook. One of the main advantages of the Thunderbolt is speed. By using Thunderbolt you can access many types of files and power. Using single Thunderbolt cable you can connect more number of peripherals. You can connect six devices using Thunderbolt by daisy chaining them but the devices should have two Thunderbolt ports one for front connection and another for connection after it.

Unlike with USB 2.0, where connecting a non-Hi-Speed device or a USB 1.0 device can affect the performance of the entire USB bus, Thunderbolt is designed to handle multiple devices of varying levels of performance without affecting the channel itself. Of course, those devices still share the total throughput of the Thunderbolt channel, which could limit the performance of a particular device if multiple devices are transferring lots of data at the same time, but the performance of the Thunderbolt channel itself shouldn’t be affected.

If you connect those devices to the end of your Thunderbolt chain, they shouldn’t adversely affect the performance of faster “upstream” devices. If you connect non-Thunderbolt devices in the middle of a Thunderbolt daisy chain, the way you connect them matters.

For example, if you use two FireWire-to-Thunderbolt adapters to put a FireWire hard drive in the middle of a Thunderbolt daisy chain, the performance of the rest of the chain “downstream” from the computer will be limited by the FireWire drive’s FireWire bus, which simply can’t pass data as fast as Thunderbolt.

However, it’s likely we’ll see specialized adapters and hubs that preserve the Thunderbolt chain while branching off to provide USB, FireWire, Ethernet, video, or audio connections. These could range from simple, T-shaped adapters that provide Thunderbolt input and output along with a single legacy connection, to multi-device hubs that let you connect several legacy devices. When using one of these specialized adapters, the higher performance of the rest of the Thunderbolt chain should be preserved.

Until such adapters are available, one of the biggest Thunderbolt challenges will be that your display must be the last device in the chain, because the new MacBooks have only a single Thunderbolt port and current displays—even those with DisplayPort connections—don’t have a way to pass data on to another device. This will make it a hassle if you want to temporarily connect or disconnect, say, a Thunderbolt hard drive, as you’ll need to disconnect your display in the process.

We suspect that, with the exception of displays, most people will choose to connect their existing peripherals to their computer’s USB, FireWire, Ethernet, and audio ports.

How to Repair Photoshop (PSD) File?

Adobe Photoshop is a popular and most widely used design application for editing the photos in the field of photography and graphics. Photoshop software was developed and marketed by Adobe. Photo files created on using Adobe application are saved in .psd or.pdb file extension. PSD stands for “Photoshop Document” is the default format of Photoshop for saving the data. However, sometimes user encounters error while working with Photoshop photo files. One of the common error that can be seen is “Could not complete your request” when editing a image by using Photoshop application on system.

All Photoshop users would have come across such error message at some point of time.  After such error, user won’t be able to open PSD file on Photoshop application and start worrying about how to access PSD file? Don’t worried? Be. Relax! Because, now it is possible way to PSD file repair by using PSD File Repair Tool. This tool is more reliable and robust specially designed with latest technology to repair PSD file.

Common scenarios due to which PSD file gets corrupted:

  • Photoshop Failure: A PSD file gets corrupted due to application malfunction or faulty installation. This cause also happens, if the Adobe Photoshop is not installed properly or conflicting with some other application installed on your system.
  • Power Surge: A sudden shutdown of system due to power failure when you editing the photos by using Photoshop application on your system, which may cause of file gets corrupted or damaged.
  • Software Up-gradation: Most of the users upgrading the Adobe Photoshop application to its latest version to use latest advanced features. However, when users open a PSD file creating earlier version of Photoshop application can lead to EOF error and file gets corrupted.
  • Malware Infection: Malware or Virus infection severe on storage media containing PSD files is regarded as another main cause of corruption of PSD files.

If you faced any one of the above mentioned problem when designing image PSD file on Windows or Mac operating system then in this time, you did not get panic and take assistance of PSD File Repair software immediately for fixing the error of PSD files.

Advanced Features of PSD File Repair Software:

  • This is the most reliable tool specially designed with effective scanning algorithm to PSD file repair with color mode like duotone, CMYK, INDEX, GRAY, bitmap, RGB color, etc.
  • This application is simple, reliable and inbuilt with user friendly interface and thus enables any new user to use this application without any prior technical knowledge to repair a corrupted Photoshop (PSD) file without any difficulties.
  • This software is designed for various version of Windows operating system including Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2007, Windows 2008, and so on.
  • It has ability to repairs all original properties like text, layers and transparency of the PSD or PDB files.
  • This application supports Photoshop versions like Photoshop 5.5, Photoshop 6.0, Photoshop 7, Photoshop CS, CS1, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS6.
  • This application provides a preview option to view the repaired Photoshop file prior to restore in preferred location in your system.
  • This tool also supports various versions of Mac operating system like Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Leopard, Snow Leopard, and so on.